Welcome to In Kim’s Words!

I’m Kim, and these are my words. I share them because I believe that all of our stories are important, my story is the one I know how best to tell, and I’ve been told many times that my story and my insight helps people (I’m way into helping people).

I am an adopted person: I was abandoned as a baby and adopted as a child. I had the good fortune to be taken in by my incredible and loving grandparents (called “parents” going forward). I have a friendly relationship with my biological father, my parents’ son. We love each other, and he’s a wonderful person. I regret not being closer to him, both in spirit and in proximity. I have severed ties completely with my biological mother. I tried, multiple times, to foster relationships with her – first as mother/daughter, and again as friends. But she lets me down and hurts me every time I open the door to her, so I’ve closed it and installed numerous locking mechanisms to ensure it remains shut.

I am a birthmother. I relinquished my parental rights to my first child four days after her birth in 2007. It has haunted me since. I was abused, manipulated, lied to, taken advantage of. I thought adoption was a beautiful, warmhearted thing, so I leaned on it when I was left alone and pregnant at 19. I had no idea how ugly and painful it could become. I write a lot about this part of my life, both as a way of helping myself work through it, and to help others avoid making the mistakes that I made.

I am a parenting mother. My second child was born in 2018, and I’m enjoying everything about being their mom.

I am an introvert with pretty good people skills…when I’m not struggling with anxiety and depression. I’m tuned into trauma and actively work to identify it in myself and others with the goal of working out ways to live peacefully with it. I constantly evolve based on new information. I consistently strive to be better than the person I believe I can be. I continue to grow. I seek knowledge and truth. I believe in justice, peace, and kindness. And I write about all of it.

My interests and knowledge are broad, I love to write and share myself and my insights, and I’ve heard that I write pretty okay. I hope you enjoy.


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