Introduction​ ​to​ ​In​ ​Kim’s​ ​Words

Why am I here?

I’ve never blogged before. I’ve written some Notes and posted some hefty status updates on Facebook for public consumption over the years (including a month-long investigative and informative series of posts about sexual assault during April 2016). I had a personal Twitter account…but only so I could vote for my favorite singers on The Voice (which worked…my pick won that year!!). I haven’t networked well in the past…Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr…I might have login credentials for these sites but don’t ask me how to use them because I haven’t bothered (yet). I post on Facebook every few months. I’m not great at social media. Or follow-through. Or networking. Or having friends and maintaining relationships. I barely have time to keep up with who *I* am, let alone to keep up with others.

I have passion but poor follow-through. I have ideas but am not great at implementation. I have plans but I procrastinate. I have dreams but am stuck in the daily grind.

I used to be creative. I used to design my own dresses and sew them. I used to color. I used to write.

I need to make a change. I need to grow.

So I started a blog.

Not because I’m sure I have the answer, not because the internet *needs* another blog, not because I’m so good at writing that I must share all of my thoughts…but because I need structure. I need purpose. I need an outlet.

I have SO MANY THINGS I want to talk about all of the time. There are so many pieces of myself that I’ve lost in my adulthood that deserve to be remembered, celebrated, learned from, and shared. And now is the time!

Why are you here?

You’re here because you know me and I implored you to check out (and share!) my new blog, or because you Googled “In Kim’s Words” or “an adulting blog about all the things” for reasons unknown. You’ll stay because my writing is super fun to read, my stories are engaging and insightful, and/or you love the variety of topics I’m writing about. Or maybe you’ll stick around because you find a kindred spirit in me, you have an appreciation for the things I enjoy, or you’re excited to find someone new on the interwebs who aligns with your values on politics or parenting or adulting in general.

So who am I?

I am adopted. I love cats. I also love dogs. Okay, I love basically anything with fur. I was a child once. I apparently became an adult at some point. I am a birthmother. I tried college for a while. I have a career. I appreciate well-crafted words and good grammar. I love to read, though I don’t make nearly enough time to do so. I have tattoos. I live over 800 miles away from my parents. I recently married my best friend, Ryne. It was amazing. We plan to start a family together next year. I have incredibly strong values, and they often change and evolve when I gain new information or understanding. I’ve survived childhood abuse, miscarriage, and rape. I’m also a DIY-er: I sew, I make paper crafts, I have a dozen home improvement projects lined up to complete with my husband. I recently dived into the world of comic books. I swear a lot. I also swear weirdly sometimes (“holy monkeys!”). I spend a lot of [read: too much] time watching movies and TV shows. I play the piano. I am empathetic to a fault.

I am an outspoken atheist. I believe in freedom of (and from) religion worldwide. I support every person’s right to love whomever they choose. I support the right of every female of every age to make her own reproductive decisions. I do not believe in hate. I support the fight against global warming and resource depletion. I support capital punishment in many cases, but not corporeal punishment in any case. I do not blindly follow or trust any person or ideal, ever. I stand against racism, sexism, classism, and everything else that gets in the way of basic human equality. I believe in change.

My Disclaimer

I write based on my experiences. I make every effort to write in a way that is sensitive to all people, because all people are valuable, all people deserve respect, all people deserve freedom from persecution, all people deserve a voice. I don’t believe in “political correctness”, I believe in preserving human dignity. Political correctness is a thought process based on rules, judgment, and competition…preserving human dignity is a thought process based on the idea that every person deserves to be who they truly are and deserves to be free from persecution.

I am not all-knowing, and if I haven’t learned something yet, I cannot know it. When I learn new things, I adjust my thoughts and actions. I learn new things all the time, like that the phrase “that guy gypped me” is racist because Gypsies are real people and are not inherently bad, therefore using a term that describes the Gypsy people as a bad thing is racist (side note: the word ‘Gypsy’ is similar to the use of the word ‘Indian’ to describe Native Americans – the actual word for the Gypsy people is ‘Romani’ or ‘Roma’. The term ‘Gypsy’ began being used when people mistook migrating Roma people for Egyptians. So even referring to people as ‘Gypsies’ may be considered racist and likely depends on the way the word is being used or the particular Roma person you may be speaking with. Now that’s a thing you know.) Or like when I learned about the Black Lives Matter movement – I immediately responded to it with “All lives matter” because (obviously) all lives matter…but once I learned why BLM is a movement, and that the purpose is not to demean non-black lives, but to call out systemic abuse and discrimination against black people, I never said “all lives matter” again.

The purpose of this disclaimer is to notify you up-front that I try as hard as I can to be sensitive to all people…but I cannot know what I do not know. If I do write something that you believe is racist or in any way offensive, please tell me! But do so knowing that my intention was absolutely not to be inflammatory, hurtful, or otherwise callous to any group or individual. If warranted, I will update posts to include the knowledge I’ve gained, and even share with others how to avoid making the same mistakes.

I plan to leave comments open and hope to not have to moderate before they’re published. I am eager to engage in positive and constructive conversation with you!

Thank you for being here – I’m excited to take this journey with you!

That’s who I am – who are you? Tell me about yourself in the comments and, while you’re here, subscribe to In Kim’s Words so you’ll always know when I’ve posted something new and exciting to read and discuss!

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