On her birthday

I took a big leap today and finally did something for Summer’s 11th birthday. It’s been on my mind for the past couple of months and I haven’t been sure what to do. Initially I thought I’d go over there in the dark sometime before the day began and write ‘Happy Birthday’ in chalk in the street in front of her house, but as the day drew nearer, I began to fear that it would take too long (making me nervous about being in the street in front of her house for too long), and it’s been raining regularly for over a week, so I didn’t want my efforts washed away by the rain.

Yesterday I figured out what I wanted to do. I would get a bouquet of balloons and put them in front of her house.

I stopped in to see what was left at Toys R Us earlier today and happened upon a cute birthday card with personal meaning. Monsters Inc. has been one of my favorite movies for about 15 years, and at some point, years ago, I found this picture on the internet that truly fit my feelings about her, which brought her forever into my Monsters Inc. feelings box.

So when I found this card, complete with “birthday riddles”, it seemed like it was made for this day. I opted to write something simple inside to leave with the balloon bouquet.

As I neared her house, my heart started to pound. I drove by, stopping across from it to just watch for a minute to see if anyone was home or if there was any activity. The house seemed dark, despite their vehicle being in the driveway. Since I saw no activity, I decided to make the drop.

I pulled down the street, turned around, and drove by again to park a couple of houses down from hers. I steeled myself, got out, released the bouquet from its travel bag, affixed the card within the ribbons, and started walking down the sidewalk toward her home, holding the balloons in front of me as best I could in the gentle breeze.

Once in front of her house, I noticed that her parents had planted my favorite plant – the same plant I have at my own home as a tribute of sorts, to Summer – around the tree in their tree lawn, and decided that was the perfect place to set my delivery (also tree lawns are public property and I figure I can’t be prosecuted for leaving a potentially unwanted gift on public property, unless someone considered it littering which I’m willing to deal with). I dropped it gently, turned around, and walked as quickly as I could without looking weird or suspicious back to my car. Once inside, I watched in the rear mirror to see if anyone inside the house had noticed and come out, but there was no movement. I rolled down my passenger window, stuck my phone out, and snapped a picture.

I pulled down the street, turned around, rolled down my driver side window, and snapped pictures as I drove by, hoping to get at least one decent one as proof that I had left my ‘gift’ for her.

Almost as soon as I got home, the bright, sunny day turned into a stormy night. The sky darkened, and soon a loud, bright thunderstorm began. I am not disheartened though. I’m glad I finally did something special that she might be able to see on her birthday.

7 thoughts on “On her birthday”

    1. Thanks Brooke – it was too perfect to pass up! I watched Monsters, Inc. again last night. 😊
      I really enjoyed checking out your blog and look forward to future updates!!


  1. This child is not yours. You gave her away. You don’t get takebacks after 11 years. This is stalking and you could go to jail for it. You need to move on.


  2. I just wanted to let you know that I (who left the comment above) am not the “Lisa” who adopted your daughter. Now that you have posted a picture of her house and her real name on Facebook, you essentially told anyone that sees that that you are sneaking around her house. You are playing a dangerous game.


  3. You are creepy. What you are doing is called stalking and it is not o.k. It baffles me that so many people are encouraging your worrisome behavior. You need counseling and you need to let that child be. You don’t have the right to disrupt the childs life because of how you feel. Stop thinking about yourself and what you want, and do what is in that childs best interest!


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