Dumb Letters…and Cookies

I sent this year’s dumb letter in the mail yesterday. It was probably the lamest dumb letter I’ve written them, especially compared to last year’s emotional keening about Summer’s Middle Eastern roots and the fears I have for her in Trump’s Muslim-hating America. I should have known better than to get emotional – they didn’t respond. But they never respond, so what does it even … Continue reading Dumb Letters…and Cookies

In It: Feeling Adoption Loss at Christmastime

I’m in it right now. It’s not words – there aren’t even words to describe it or personify it or explain it, really. But words are all I have for expression, so I’ll try. I feel flat: without shape or depth. I feel numb: without feeling or heart. I feel empty: without substance or worth. I feel sad, hopeless, lonely. Lacking. I’ve been thinking about … Continue reading In It: Feeling Adoption Loss at Christmastime

The Thousand Words of a Picture

We’ve all heard it: a picture says a thousand words. But what are those words? It’s easy to assume that those words are the thoughts you have about the picture, but that’s not the case. Everyone who looks at a picture will imbue it with their personal views, their experiences, their biases, their emotions. The thousand words shared by one person in one picture will … Continue reading The Thousand Words of a Picture

My Heroes

I can’t discuss my heroes without also discussing adoption. For me, the two are inextricably linked. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s funny, in the adoption world there really are no rules or solid expectations because no two stories are the same. Even the stories experienced and told by siblings differ. There are feelings that are similar in most stories, there are … Continue reading My Heroes