I had a baby!

I had a baby! It was eight and a half months ago, but better late than never, right?

Quick birth story:
Our son was born underwater in our bathtub, in our darkened bathroom, into his father’s strong hands, just as we planned. No monitors, no bright lights, no prodding hands, no medical intervention, no strangers. It was exactly the birth I wanted for him and for me. Mild contractions started around noon, and I knew by 2 that he’d be in my arms later that day. Around 4, I sent a text to my sister that read “Oh FUCK this one hurts lol.” I got in the tub around 7, gave a few good pushes (and a few more heartfelt ‘fuuuuuuck’s), and had a son at 7:34!

My sister acted as doula – I was with her for her 2 homebirths, and she was with me when I had my daughter. My mother-in-law helped my sister to pour warm water over my belly and my back as I labored, and then anxiously sat on her hands while her grandson’s head was underwater waiting for the rest of his body to be born (I maybe should have explained how water births work before scaring the crap out of her in the moment!). My husband provided counter-pressure as a baby squished out of my body (no tearing for me – thanks, love!), and then caught the baby and brought him to my chest.

Baby stats:
Name: Baby Ben
Weight: 7 pounds
Length: 19 inches

Now, more than eight months later, Baby Ben weighs over 28 pounds, is working on his fourth tooth, is trying to figure out how to crawl, and says “da-da” (just in general…not actually to/about his Dada…yet!).

So. Now that I’ve finally posted about it, I won’t feel so weird about posting deeper dives into parenting-related stuff that I want to explore here! Stay tuned for my thoughts about: home/water birthing, breastfeeding, mom bod, attachment parenting/parenting styles, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, working moms and childcare, sick babies, babies and pets, handling stress, having a baby after adoption, having additional children, and probably lots of other fun and interesting topics as they arise!

Thanks for sticking with me!!

3 thoughts on “I had a baby!”

  1. Did not mean to leave an anonymous post, but can’t seem to remember my login info. But I’m the one who is curious about water birthing!

    Hope all is well.



    “In and out, up and down, over and over she wove her strands of her life together, patching hole after hole, eventually she saw it was much more than the threads that gave her strength, it was in the very act of weaving itself, that she became strong…” Terri Bone Sigh Arts


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